Hae… Tanggal 23 Oktober kemarin ownCloud client 1.6.4 dirilis loh, sudah update belum? Berikut ini changelog ownCloud client 1.6.4:

  • Fix startup logic, fixes bug #1989
  • Fix raise dialog on X11
  • Win32: fix overflow when computing the size of file > 4GiB
  • Use a fixed function to get files modification time, the original one was broken for certain timezone issues, see core bug #9781 for details
  • Added some missing copyright headers
  • Avoid data corruption due to wrong error handling, bug #2280
  • Do improved request timeout handling to reduce the number of timed out jobs, bug #2155

PKGBUILD owncloud-client sudah dihapus dari repo

Buat yang mau membangun paket owncloud client 1.6.4 dengan PKGBUILD saya monggo lho: https://github.com/go2n/archlinux-pkgbuild/tree/master/owncloud-client

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