OwnCloud client 1.7.1 sudah dirilis tanggal 18 Desember kemarin, dan saya baru sempat kompel serta memperbarui PKGBUILD hari ini. Berikut ini changelog ownCloud client 1.7.1:

PKGBUILD owncloud-client sudah dihapus dari repo

  • Documentation fixes and updates
  • Nautilus Python plugin fixed for Python 3
  • GUI wording fixes plus improved log messages
  • Fix hiding of the database files in the sync directories
  • Compare http download size with the header value to avoid broken downloads, bug #2528
  • Avoid initial ETag fetch job at startup, which is not needed.
  • Add chunk size http header to PUT requests
  • Fixed deteteCookie method of our CookieJar, fix for Shibboleth
  • Added fallback for distros where XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is undefined
  • Fix the setup wizard, bug #1989, #2264
  • Fix scheduling of ETag check jobs, bug #2553
  • Fix to avoid syncing more than one folder at a time, bug #2407
  • Use fife minutes timeout for all network jobs
  • Cleanup for Folderwizard wording
  • Improve journal check: Remove corrupted journal files, bug #2547
  • Fix item count in progress dialog for deletes, bug #1132
  • Display correct file count on deletion (#1132)
  • Fix reinitializing the folder using the wizard in certain cases (#2606)
  • Mac OS: Fixed branding of the pkg file
  • Mac OS: Fix display of overlay icons in certain situations (#1132)
  • Mac OS: Use a bundled version of OpenSSL (#764, #2600, #2510)
  • Win32: improved filesystem watcher
  • Win32: Improve threading with shell integration
  • Win32: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1j
  • Win32: Improve reliability of Installer, fix removal of Shell Extensions

Buat yang mau membangun paket owncloud client 1.7.1 dengan PKGBUILD saya monggo lho: https://github.com/go2n/archlinux-pkgbuild/tree/master/owncloud-client.

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